Removing Honey-Filled Frames.  Once the honeycombs are ready on your Hive Super Frames you can remove them with your Frame Tool and place the frames into a tub,  tency. Honey stored in the Deep Hive Box is for the bees to eat, while honey stored in the Hive Super is for you to extract and process into food!  

Nectar Extraction.  Workers ingest nectar from flowering plants that produce it and store the nectar in their honey stomachs.  The bees ingest nectar until their stomachs are full.

Separating Honey from Beeswax.  While there are special tools to assist in this process, many urban beekeepers yield just enough honey to keep it simple by mashing, crushing, and straining the honeycomb to have the honey.  There will be hive debris, pollen bits, but after you're done, you'll have pure honey to work with!   

Click On Image To Order Honey Bee City Kit

A Word About 8 Frame Hive Systems

Urban Beekeeping is often limited to smaller spaces and locations that rural beekeepers enjoy, so the 8-Frame Hive System provides you with Smaller, Lighter, Easier to Handle modules or components.  It's also a cheaper, less expensive system to own.  It also provides for Managed Honey Production, which means you and your family will be able to harvest a good supply of honey, but not so much that you end up with more than you might want each year.  You can always add more hive boxes to your Honey Bee City to increase honey production, or purchase a larger 10-Frame hive system as your skills and honey requirements increase!    


Ordering & Purchasing Honey Bees

First of all, follow your breeder's instructions and consult with the breeder if you have any problems.  We've provided general information and instructions below, but the bee breeder is the expert when it comes to handling and installing his bees.

Types of Honey Bees in a Colony  

Easy Reassembly and Your're Back In Business!

Semi-Domesticated Bees

SIR-BK-HBC01 Honey Bee City Urban Beekeeping Kit - 8 Frame Beehive With Accessories​

SIR-BK-HBC02 Honey Bee City - 8 Frame Beehive Only, No Accessories

Each Includes a Full Color Owner's Manual

The Urban Beekeeper by Rick Cousins.  MSRP $18.50

​ISBN 13: 9781682734063  99 Pages The Book Patch, 2016

Our own Beekeeper Rick's book on urban beekeeping is provided with your purchase! This easy to read, illustrated apiary reference book, will educate you about honey bees, beehives, and beekeeping. It also provides assembly instructions, beekeeping dos and don'ts, and how to order and install packaged bees!     

We Even Provide the Fuel!! ​

Calming Bees With Your Smoker.  Using your smoker and smoke fuel, use smoke to calm your bees when you remove the inner cover and prepare to check or remove your honey filled frames from your Super Hive.  Once your bees have relaxed, you're in action!  

1 Entrance Reducer


​Honey Bee City

Urban Beekeeping Kit

(Includes Accessory Bundle Shown Below)



How Honey Bee City Works!

When your Queen & honey bees arrive in the mail, they will need a place to live & work!  As you see below, your beehive looks like a multi-story house, with a firm foundation, solid walls, and a sturdy roof.  It has an entrance, living areas, and places where new bees are raised.  Since bees collect pollen to make honey to eat, they create honeycomb to store honey.  The first story is where your bee colony lives.  The second story is where your bees make & store honey.  

The Worker is also a female and comprise the most nuumerous of the residents in Honey Bee City!  They protect the queen, attend to her needs, tend to the hive, collect pollen & nectar, make honeycomb, nurse baby bees, and they produce honey for their food and to feed people too!



The screened bottom board allows ventilation in the hive and collects debris discarded by your honeybees!  It also allows you to assess the health of your colony by showing you any parasites that may have infiltrated your colony.   

Getting Your Hive Back In Operation.  Place the modules back in the correct order and check to insure that your bees are returning to normal.  After harvesting your honey and comb, ,place the scraped, uncleaned frames back into your Medium Hive Box for your bees to continue to use in the future!  You don't have to use new frames unless you want to replace them at this time!   

Natural for Bee Health ​

Wear Beekeeping Clothing

Honey Bee City Urban Beekeeping Kit Beehives & Hive Parts - bee purchase information

exclusively designed for urban & suburban residents

 Secure Arm Straps! ​

The clear hive inner cover allows you to view bee activity! It fits in place of the wooden inner cover under the copper roof & on top of the super hive box to provide protection for the bees working in the super hive box & the honey in the honeycombs! 

Protects Lower Arm, Too!! ​

Great for Dusting, too! ​

Sanded & Sealed ​

Bees  Make Honey iin Honey Stomachs 

Now You're In Business!

Don't Relocate Your Hive

The Drone Waits  

Scraping Honeycomb from Frames into Strainer.  Using grips or a Frame Tool, remove each Super Frame, one at a time, and place it in tub or waterproof container.  Using a spatula or Uncapping Knife, scrape the honeycomb from one frame at at time into a bucket or container with a strainer on top of it. When your strainer is full, leave your other full frames in your tub until next time.  Don't worry about debris and bee parts at this point.  It's supposed to be a bit messy! Using a potato masher or honey extractor, mash the mixture until your honeycomb has separated into honey and wax.  Leave the mixture in the strainer and cover it in your tub overnight.  In the morning, your honey should be separated from the comb and you'll have raw unprocessed honey above the settled beeswax!  Repeat the process for your remaining frames! 

Hive Frame Grip

This handy frame tool reduces the mess associated with removing a frame full of honey from your hive box, which is often sealed with bee made propilis.  The frame tool allows you to grip the frame, lift it, and remove it or replace it after you've removed your honey!  

Bees Return to Hive

Diversity, Tolerance,


Courtesy Shutterstock  

Honey Bee City Logo Smoker, Fuel 1 lb.

Our smoker fuel provides long-lasting brumes that will calm your bees and make your hive activities easier!  We provide enough to get you started, and you can order more from our shopping mall when you need it!   


Scraping Comb From Frame

Beekeeper Rick's

Autographed Book! ​

Bee Breeders Are Experts

Smaller Honey Hive, No Top Feeder or Stand

Packaged or Nucleus Hives

Please Check our Mall for Traditional, Family, Bee Specialty, City, State, Urban, Chic, Trendy, Urban, Street, & Fantasy Beekeeping Merchandise!

Replacing your Empty Frames.  Place the scraped, unwashed Super Frames back into your Hive Super for your bees to clean and continue to use!  Make sure any comb outside of your frames has been scraped off too.  You don't have to use new frames unless you want to replace them, but it will make hive operations easier to do!   

1 Observation Cover

with Our Logo

Sanded & Sealed ​

Hive Tool & Honey Bee City Logo Bag 

This general tool and industry standard allows you to tend to hive activities.  The Honey Bee City hive tool bag is provided so you can keep your hive tool in a stylish bag that protects it when not in use!   

The hive stand is made of treated wood and keeps your beehive off of the ground, protects it from many four-legged animals and ground insects.  Most of all, it saves your back, knees, and neck, making your beehive easier to access and to do your tasks! 


Honey Bee City

Accessory Bundle


Honey Bee City Beehive Contents 

Bees Ingest Nectar

            Item                     Product Name                                Product Description

April 2017!


Beekeeper Rick With 5-Frame Nuc  


​Honey Bee City

Urban Beekeeping Kit

(Includes Accessories Shown Below)


The  Worker  Serves  

Honey Processing.  When you're processing pure, well-strained honey, you'll smile with wonder!  It will look good enough to eat, and it will be!  Now you're ready for the best part of being a honey-producing beekeeper - the Honey!  This is about the time that your kids will show up again, and your friends will want to watch!    

with Logo ​

Honey Bee City Exclusive! ​

Please Select from One of our Trusted Catalog Companies

1 Wood Hive Inner Cover

with Our Logo

The Drone is one of a few male honeybees in a colony!  Drones perform one task - to mate with new queen bees.  After they mate, Drones die or are cast out of the hive.  They are very important to your colony!


Treated, Sanded, Sealed ​

Makes Close Work Easier! ​

You'll End Up With Raw Honey and Valuable Beeswax 

Kit Includes Autographed Book 

The Urban Beekeeper by Beekeeper Rick!

About Ordering Honey Bees

(The Good Citizens of Honey Bee City!)

Due to different habitat requirements, we have learned that your honey bee colonies are best ordered locally or regionally. from a reputable breeder. Different species do better in certain regions than others.  Just remember that honey bees in most areas of the United States hibernate in the winter, so most breeders won't have bees available until the Spring.  Most breeders either ship a package of between 10,000-15,000 honeybees by mail, or a "nuc" (a Nucleus Colony or small framed hive box containing the queen and bees) can be delivered to you,, you can pick them up locally, or have them delivered by the breeder.  We find that packaged bees are very suitable for urban beekeepers because they're contained in a closed package and transfer easily to your Honey Bee City!


​Honey Bee City Cottage

Urban Beekeeping Kit

(Includes Accessory Bundle Shown Below)


Depositing & Capping the Honey.  Once inside the Deep or Super Hive Box, the workers process the nectar in their stomachs to the right consistency. Honey stored in the Deep Hive Box is for the bees to eat, while honey stored in the Hive Super is for you to extract and process into food!  

Turning Raw Honey Into Gold!  



Honey Bee City

(Without Accessories)



Sanded & Sealed ​

How Do Beehives Work?

Start Up  

Urban Beekeeping is often limited to smaller spaces and locations than rural or commercial beekeepers enjoy, so our 8-Frame Hive System provides you with Smaller, Lighter, Easier to Handle modules or components that can suit your needs or grow with you.  An 8-Frame hive and components is also a cheaper, less expensive system to own.  It also provides for Managed Honey Production, which means you and your family will be able to harvest a good supply of honey, but not so much that you end up with more than you might to consume, gift, or sell each year.  You can always add more hive boxes to your Honey Bee City to increase your colony, honey, propolis, pollen, or comb production.  Check out our Hive Store for more ideas and products!    

Getting Started

(A Complete Owner's Manual Will Come With Your Order)

Painting, Staining, or Finishing.  Your Honey Bee City will arrive with a polyurethane finish, but you can paint it or stain it as you like. Do not paint the beehive interior or entrance reducer because your bees will live and produce honey inside of the hive. 

Location.  Select a sunny, well-ventilated area, in a remote location of your yard, roof, or open area.  You should NEVER set up your Honey Bee City indoors or in an enclosed area like a screened patio!  If you're locating your beehive on an unscreened, uncovered patio, porch, or more confined location, select a location so your beehive faces east, which will focus morning sunlight on the hive opening.   Do not place your Honey Bee City where honey bees will be able to freely enter your living space!

Ground Cover (Optional).   If you're going to use landscaping netting under your beehive, place it on the ground where your hive will be located.  You can place a decorative rug on top of the landscaping netting if you like, too.  The landscaping netting limits the access of hive beetles to your beehive.    

Hive Stand with Legs.  It's the base of your operaration, provides a sturdy foundation, and makes working with your hive a lot easier on your back and knees!  Remember to face the slanted front to the east where the sunlight can awaken your bees in the morning!

Screened Bottom Board.  Place your Screened Bottom Board on top of the hive stand with legs, with the Honey Bee City Logo in front.  Once your Deep Hive Box is on top of it, you'll see the entrance to your beehive!

Deep HIve Box.  The true operation of Honey Bee City, place this box with the 8 frames inside on top of the Screened Bottom Board with the logo in front!  You'll see a small entrance area where your bees will come and go.

Entrance Reducer.  This small length of wood fits at the hive entrance.  You can use it to regulate how many bees can enter your hive at one time, and it limits intruders by insect pests.  Place the entrance reducer in the slot in front of your beehive where your deep hive box and screened bottom board meet. 

Wood Queen Excluder.  This module looks like a BBQ grill and it fits over the Deep Hive Box to keep your queen bee from traveling into your Medium Hive Box.

Medium Hive Box.  The Medium Hive Box with logo in front fits on top of the Queen Excluder. This is where your bees will produce your honey or extra honey for them to eat.

Top Feeder.  This looks like a black plastic feeding trough with a screen in the middle.  This is the module you'll fill with sugar water to sustain your bees' diet after they arrive.  Place the Top Feeder on top of the Medium Hive Box.  If you want to limit the production of comb under your top feeder, you can place the inner cover below it as an option!

Wood Inner Cover.  The Inner Cover fits on top of the Top Feeder and provides ventilation and protection for your bees.

Anodized Copper Roof.  Place the roof on top of the Inner Cover and you'll see that you've completed your inital assembly.

NOTE:  The Observation Viewing Window is an accessory you can use whenever you want to observe your bees while in the Medium or Deep Hive Box.  It reduces the level of disturbance and helps them to act normally.

Warning Signs.  We offer selections in this website.  Bee warning signs are important in order to advise and caution anyone in your immediate area that you have an active beehive.  Most landscapers, lawn engineers, utility workers, and others will appreciate it.  Honey Bee City doesn't sell bees and is not responsible for bee actions of behavior.

State, County, & Local Laws or Ordinances.  Beehive owners must comply with laws, rules, and regulations that apply to beekeeping, so consult those guidelines prior to buying and colonizing a beehive!  Honey Bee City is not responsible for customer violations of laws and regulations.  

After you've painted, personalized, and assembled your Honey Bee City in the permanent location where you want to place it, it's time to shop for and order your bees!  You'll find local, regional, and national bee breeders online that will ship packaged bees to your door.  If you desire, you can purchase bees and pick them up.  Either way, we urge you to follow the bee breeder's instructions regarding installation.  

Always wear your beekeeping hat, veil, and clothing when handling bees, and please Read the Owner's Manual!  If you purchased the entire kit, we advise that you read Beekeeper Rick's book and educate yourself and family on beekeeping, beehives, & the wonderful Honey Bees!

You're Now Ready to Order or Purchase Honey Bees!!

Good Luck!!

Bees Enter Hive

Complete Kit Product #SIR-BK-HBC01 Includes Accessories Parts Sold Separately in our Hive Depot (Parts Chart, Couretst, The Grommet, 2016

Calming Your Bees Prior To Harvesting Your Frames!

Flying Back to the Hive.  Workers return to Honey Bee City full of nectar and coated with nutritious pollen, which is also going to be processed into pollen cakes and food for bee larvae.  

Courtesy Shutterstock  

The Entrance Reducer fits at the entrance of your Honey Bee City where the bottom board meets the deep hive box..  It excludes larger pests from entering your hive and limits access to your to your bees!     


​Honey Bee City Cottage

Urban Beehive

(Without Accessories)


Compare & Save!

Help Save 

The Bees

1 Sealed Queen Excluder

Follow Breeder Instructions

The wooden hive inner cover, fits under the copper roof & on top of the super hive box to provide protection for the bees working in the super hive box & the honey in the honeycombs!  Replace it with the observation cover when you want to view bee activity!

How Do Bees Grow In The Hive?

(There Will Be Thousands of Honey Bees In Your City)

Ships in One Box                                                                                                                                                                 Contains Everything

Right to your Door!                                                                                                                                                                     But the Bees!

"The Beehive With A View!" TM

For Men            For Women            For Family Fun            For Hobbyists            For Church Groups            For Business

Most Of All, For Fun!

The Honey Bee City Urban Beekeeping Kit provides a safe, artificial habitat where your new bee colony can grow and produce pure honey.  Historically called the Langstroth Beehive, beekeepers have used many different types of artificial hives since the Stone Age in order to collect pure honey, valuable beeswax, pollen, royal jelly, and honeycomb.  Our urban beekeeping system combines our American-made hive boxes with the necessary elements to create Honey Bee City - The Beehive With A View..  It arrives at your door, in stackable modules, and with all of the accessories that you'll need to get started!  Inspired to be an educational tool, as well as a honey producer and garden pollinator, the key feature of Honey Bee City is the inclusion of a clear observation cover, which allows you, your family, and guests to view hive activity and honey production without disturbing your bees!    We love it, and we know you will too!

1 Sealed Hive Top Feeder  

Honey Bee City




The Beekeeper's Trademark!! ​

Honey Bee City Logo Metal Smoker 

This beautiful, durable metal smoker is another recognizable tool of the apiculture trade.  Our smoker is great to look at, easy to use, and functional.  The smoker is used to calm your honey bees while you care for them & harvest your honey!   

The wood & plastic hive feeder is used when you first place your bees in your Honey Bee City, or when you need to start a new colony!  Sugar water is placed in its troughs so your bees can eat as your new colony begins to collect pollen to make honey! 

Before Purchasing, Check Local Laws Regarding Beekeeping In Your Area, Honey Labeling, and Sales!

Honey Bee City Bees on Honey Filled Frames!


Sanded & Sealed ​


Some Breeders Mail Bees


1 Screened Bottom Board

​with Our Logo

Independent Site  


1 Honey Bee City

Owner's Manual

Bees Cap Honey When It Is Ready To Be Harvested Super

The deep hive box is the beehive where your bees make their home, the queen lays eggs, honey is made for bee consumption,, and they care for their young!  It is placed under the queen excluder and above the screened bottom board.  There are eight medium hive frames that stay inside where the bees can be at home! 

Honey Bee City Cottage - Quality, Price, Value

With New & Exclusive Honey Bee City Frame Feeder

After Installing Bees

5-Frame Nucleus Hive of Bees  

Our beautiful anodized aluminum & wood roof, fits over the top of your beehive to provide protection from the sun & elements.  It is copper in color & comes with our genuine copper Honeybee City Logo!

The Queen is a female and the leader of the colony!  She lays thousands of eggs that provide your bee colony with residents of Honey Bee City!  As a Princess, she was fed Royal Jelly, mated with drone bees, and selected to be the new Queen of Honey Bee City!

Straining Honey.  Cheesecloth and other items will assist you in straining your honey.  We also offer more specialized equipment and tools in our Hive Store.  The whole idea is to get your raw honey to be free of debris, unless you want it in there, and some people like it!!   

Find Us  On

Honey Bee City Owner's Manual & Set Up Guide

​60 Pages, The Book Patch, 2016

Our full color, illustrated Owner's Manual is easy to read and,will advise you about honey bee basics, beehives and beehive assembly, beekeeping, and how to order and install packaged bees! This manual is included with your Honey Bee City purchase.   

Honey Bee City Essential Accessory Bundle

(Included If You Purchased The Kit!)

Product Bundle # SIR-BK-HBA01

Individual Items Sold Separately in Hive Store

How Does Honey Comb Get From The Beehive To The Bar?

(This Is For All Of You Future Craftsmen Out There!)

After filtering the honey from the beeswax, it's time to let your bees do some cleanup!  You can place the container with your raw beeswax on a table or chair close to your beehive and give your bees about a day or two to remove any remaining honey.  Your worker bees will remove all honey and leave you with beeswax you can work with!  Next, you melt your beeswax on a double boiler (NOT a standard cooking pot, as raw beeswax boiled hot is combustible!) with cheesecloth under it.  The cheesecloth retains the debris in your beeswax, leaving you with pure beeswax for you to pour into molds or storage containers!

Beekeeper's Hat with Protective Veil  

The Most Recognizable Feature of a Beekeeper's Craft, this well-made hat & veil are essential to protect your head from that occasional worker that might want to test her defensive equipment!  The well-made hat & veil provides exceptional protection from stinging bees while enhancing ventilation & roviding protection from the elements! 

Honey Bee City's 8 Frame Beehive is a modular component system that can easily be expanded to increase bee and honey production, pollen collection, and wax expansion. We use city-speak to keep the terms easy because our customers aren't commercial keepers with dozens or hundreds of hives!  Your city will arrive assembled like the one in the photograph with your accessories. You can stain or paint it as you like!                                  


​Honey Bee City

Deluxe Urban Beehive

(Without Accessories)



to Honey Bee City

1 Anodized Aluminum Roof

with Honey Bee City Logo

Bees Need



1 Hive Stand With Legs

with Our Logo


Sanded & Sealed ​



Flying Angels

Beekeeper Laura's Hive

with Newly Installed Bees!

1 Medium Hive Box w/

8 Frames & Our Logo

The Original Honey Bee City & The New Honey Bee City Cottage

Deluxe Urban Beehives & Beekeeping Kits !

Courtesy:  Standard License, Shutterstock, 2016.

A Veteran & Retired Law Enforcement-Owned Business


1 Deep Hive Box with

​8 Frames & Our Logo


How to Order Honey Bees, and a Little Bit About Them!

Beekeeper Rick calls honey bees God's Little Flying Angels for a reason!  No matter what you've thought about their faults, these precious insects are a wonder to behold!  It wasn't until I watched Rick install Mayor Mark's bees into his Honey Bee City that I became interested in becoming a beekeeper, too.  They are generally self-sufficient and love their privacy so much that you'll almost forget they're there!.



How Does Honey Get From The Flower To The Jar?


Queen Laying    Eggs  

It's A Fun Mess, but Worth It!  

Honey Bottling.  Whether you use some special pouring buckets or do it yourself, you'll take pride in this part of the process.  The first experience is often the best, but let us know!  Bottling your honey in standard, decorative, or storage containers is one of the most rewarding stages of the entire process,.  Just don't eat all of your honey as you're bottling it!    

Sanded & Sealed ​

Courtesy Shutterstock  

Honey Bee City - Quality, Luxury, Style




Honey Ready to Eat.  What can we say?!  So many memories, opportunities, good-time feelings wash over you when you see fresh, pure bottled honey that needs a label or a friend!  We recommend using a variety of sizes, from an ounce to higher jars or bottles to suit your needs. This is the part where you can see the efforts of your bees and your own hard work!  You'll love it, and you'll want to do it again!    


Getting Honey Ready for The Jar! 


Honey That's Ready For Consumption, Sale or Storage! 

Urban Beekeeping Kit

Honeycomb on Frames In Medium Hive Box

Our Exclusive Guide! ​






Bees  Need Empty Frames to Make More Honey!


The Wonder of Making the Honey.  Once inside the Deep or Super Hive Box, the bees work together to process the nectar in their stomachs to the right consistency. Honey stored in the Deep Hive Box is for the bees to eat, while honey stored in the Hive Super is for you to extract and process into food!  


Hive Brush

The hive brush is a beekeeping essential!  It allows you to safely move bees out of your way, as well as accomplish general housekeeping & other hive tasks.  The bristles are soft, yet durable, and the handle allows you to get your work done quickly!   

Separating Honeycomb From Super Frames.  Indoors or out, you can rush or take your time, but you need to scrape the capped honeycomb from the frames into a container.  That's where you'll begin the process of separating the honey from other parts of the honeycomb.     

The queen excluder is used in the Spring & Summer to keep the queen bee from laying eggs in the super hive box so that the bees can concentrate on honey production there! It is placed below the super hive box and above the deep hive box.  In the Fall & Winter, the queen excluder is usually not used so your bees can have honey to eat!   

Help Save The Bees!

​SIR-BK-TOL01-HKIT-HAT-01  Veil Screens Sun from Eyes​


​​Beekeeper's Gloves  

Gloves aren't used by most beekeepers, but they provide peace of mind for new beekeepers, and keep your hands clean when conducting hive activities.  Our gloves are leather and lined,, proving comfort and dexterity!   

The medium hive box is the beehive where your bees make honey in honeycombs!  It is placed under the inner cover and above the queen excluder, if in use.  If not, it goes above the deep hive box.  There are eight medium hive frames that stay in the medium, where the bees make their honey for you! 

Module 10:  Copper Roof

Module   9:  Inner Cover

Module   8:  Top Feeder

Module   7:  Observation Cover

Module   6:  Medium Hive Box

Module   5:  Queen Excluder

Module  4:  Deep Hive Box 

Module  3:  Screened Bottom Board

Module  2:  Entrance Reducer

Module  1:  Hive Stand w/Legs 


Entering the Hive.  After arriving at the entrance on the Screened Bottom Board,, workers travel into the Deep Hive Box to make honey for their food, or to the Hive Super, where they will make and store honey for you to use!.  

Sanded & Sealed ​