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"The male bees in our colony are called Drones.  They are princes that will one day fly away with princess bees!  There is no King Bee to help the queen because they don't return to the hive.  Drone bees eat and grow until they leave the hive!"

"All worker bees have chores to do.  Most worker bees collect nectar and pollen from plants so we can make honey in the honey hive.  We love to make honey!"


Beekeeper Rick at his Honey Stand with his daughter Bridgett! 

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"Honey Bee City has a bee house and a honey house with a window! When you work with your bees, always be nice to them.  They are bugs that can sting you, so take good care of them, and wear the right clothing.  Your Mom or Dad should always work with your bees, but maybe they will let you help them!"

"A bee family is called a colony.  Most bees in the hive are females called Workers.  We have different chores to do to keep our family healthy!"



The Queen


2015 Kelly Cousins



"The leader of our colony is a female called the Queen Bee.  We take good care of her all of the time.  She lays eggs every day.  We feed her and take care of the baby bees!  Some baby bees become queen bees when they grow up, too!"

A Bee Making Bee Bread

"Hi, my name is Elena.  Bees like to live together in a bee hive, which is like a big house with lots of rooms for baby bees, pollen, and honey."

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"I'm Heather the Honey Bee, and I'm here to help kids understand how bees live, work, and make honey at Honey Bee City!"


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Beekeeper Ziki is Learning, too!

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Our Photographer's Cool Bee Art! 

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"Honey Bee City gives bees a nice place to live.  It helps kids to see how bees live, and show you that kids in towns and cities can raise bees for honey and help save the bees, too!"