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FAMILY TIME.  You will find it difficult to keep family and friends from wanting to be involved or watch when it's time to work with your honeybees!  Opening a beehive and seeing inside has been a trade pleasure of beekeepers, except for honey bears!  Suiting up children, friends, and relatives exposes them to a world few have seen.  When you remove capped frames of honey, covered with protective worker bees tending to their tasks, or open your brood box to locate the evasive queen bee, everyone becomes fascinated with honeybees.  Removing pollen traps, scraping away excess wax, propolis, or brushing away bees while your work, beekeeping can become an obsession.  When it's time to remove, process, and bottle your honey, or melt wax into bars for future candles and balms, family time becomes something new that everyone will cherish and remember their entire lives!       

Beekeeper Brad, or Ual Bradley, as we know him on our team, is our Managing Director and a registered hobbyist Florida beekeeper!  Beekeeper Rick got him hooked on beekeeping, and Brad is now fascinated with apiculture.  While Rick's the former Marine, Beekeeper Brad's got 21 years of service as an enlisted soldier and Infantry officer in the US Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard.  He's also a retired lawman with over 30 years of government service!  Anyone that knows Beekeeper Brad knows that he loves getting people involved, and treating customers as important members of the Honey Bee City family!  He loves being a father, a grandfather, and keeping in touch with our valued Honey Bee City Mayors, who are the bedrock of our beekeeping community.  His first name is Muskogee Indian, and he's very proud of his African-American and Poarch Creek Native American heritage!  

groups/organizations that can help and benefit by beekeeping

(No order/preference intended)  

more mayor photographs to come!

Mayor laura's honey bee city is located in the tropical county of miami-dade, where she gets four honey harvests each year! Here is a video of her winter four gallon harvest!

​Fun Facts About Beehives!

rick removed five frames from the deep

hive box and transferred the nuc frames into the deep hive box!

Beekeeper Mark Assembling

His painted Hive stand

& screened bottom board

VETERANS.  Wow, we're veterans, too!  For all of our brothers and sisters who have had the privilege to serve, think about getting involved in beekeeping.  Our partner Rick advises us   constantly that he'd rather hang with bees that people!  As proud military veterans, we think about how many wounded or physically challenged brothers & sisters might find this beneficial and provide a supplemental source of income!  Let us know as we do offer a veteran's discount!  

Wild Honeybees Use Caves, Rock Crevices, & Spaces In Wood or Trees to Make Their Hives!

the bees weren't happy to be moved, but they'll be calm after they clean the remaining nectar from the empty nuc!

CHURCHES.  Proverbs 24:13 - "My son, eat honey, for it is good, Yes, the honey from the comb is sweet to your taste..." Consider beekeeping as a great youth group hobby and form a local guild of craftsmen that can make products for members of the congregation or members of your community. It will foster fellowship, stewardship, and instill responsibility in young people!  As one of the Bible's recognized health foods, it is labor well spent within your church home, family, or community!

Mayor kristine looks great

in her pittsford beekeeper shirt!

July 2017, Pittsford, new york

thank you, viewers, for taking an interest in honeybees and beekeeping.  when we first entered into the realm of apiculture, we had no idea how much honeybees have impacted the public in so many ways. our humble, self maintained website & business rarely had visitors, but our fans increased, not because of our beehives, but because of the difficult plight of the fascinating honeybee. 

it may sound "corny" to some reading this, but honeybees are cool.  when you open a hive with thousands of bees inside of it, and obsess over not trying to kill one of them while your tend to your housekeeping or honey harvest, it dawns on you just how important honeybees become to you.  when I have contact with professional beekeepers, and watch them, they try so very hard not to hurt a bee as they quickly perform their tasks. as an army veteran, there is a certain reverence to beekeeping that is soothing to the soul.  i hope our viewers try to understand that the beekeeping experience is a spiritual practice.

it wasn't until beekeeper rick educated us about apiculture that we became beekeepers.  it wasn't until I had my own honey bee city in my backyard, that I began to understand just how essential honeybees are to our human family.  our customers educate us that each local beehive has challenges, and actual samples have shown us that each honey harvest from each beehive tastes as different as a fine california or French vintage from different chateaus.

in tropical Miami, bees pollinate fruit trees, palms, the everglades, crops, gardens, and exotic plants.  when my neighbors noticed that there were more mangoes, papayas, and lychees that previous years, or my daughter in law saw so many tomatoes on her garden plants that she had to reinforce them more, I saw the impact of the honeybee in my own niche on earth. when my family and friends ask for more honey, or to see my hive, I understand how a beehive can be one of the best ambassadors for a threatened species.  it is because of the honeybee that this army veteran has found a peaceful craft that shares the natural produce of insects I knew so little about in the past.

to our viewers, you are so important.  I cannot overemphasize just how essential you are and have been to improving honeybee awareness and populations.  please tell your friends, family, and associates about honeybee issues, their benefits, and important contributions, because the destruction and extinction of bees could be catastrophic for our own species.  And if your situation allows, I hope that you'll become beekeepers.  If you do, drop us a note and let us know how beekeeping has affected your spirit, too.

​                                                                                                            Beekeeper Brad


She has italian bees and her honey bee city is about a year old.  as you can see, her colorful hive is busy! she had hive beetles, but once her hive grew, they were no longer a problem.  she has mango trees and a her bees forage at a nearby grove nearby, so her honey is sweet & light!

Mayor Kristine's Honey Bee City!

May 2017, Pittsford, New York

mayor Bill's honey bee city is housed with bees and ready to work!  we'd like to thank mayor james, beekeeper bill, and the youth beekeepers for helping to save the bees! keep sending us pictures!

Our hoNEY BEE CITY MAYOR FROM pittsford, new york

Mayor Kristine, a true fan of the Erie Canal area and new Mayor!

Thank you for your input about the Erie Canal!!

Mayor Kristine's bees look like they're already busy pollinating her garden!

FUND RAISING.  If you're looking to raise money for your group or organization during the fall and winter months, beekeeping can be a positive way to do it.  In with four seasons, honey is usually harvested from your hive in late summer.  Once placed into containers, honey is a reasonably priced food item that never goes bad and is always needed by consumers.  You can approximately plan for 40lbs or more of pure honey from one Honey Bee City hive system, but you can always increase your hives and colonies to make more honey.  You should also consider making crafts from beeswax as well, which make for great fund raising products!

Our first hoNEY BEE CITY MAYOR FROM homestead, florida

Mayor Laura, a Photographer, Nurse, & Mother!

Thank you for Tropical Colors, Being a Mayor & for Caring for People!!

Mayor Laura is one of our Chandlers and makes beautiful beeswax candles!

SOCIAL BONDING.  Honey and other gifts from the hive have a way of bringing people together in good conversation and beneficial gathering.  Beekeepers always have stories to tell, and age old secrets to share!  Like the little bees that you'll care for, you'll increase your need for social contact, and for sharing the wonderful gifts that honey bees provide!  When beekeepers meet, chat, or share photographs, honey, or other wares, the reclusive world of apiculture opens up to reveal a social subculture that we hope to bring to the limelight in order to increase bee awareness with the public!

​Our HONEY BEE CITY HONOR ROLL & BEekeeping guild

(the roles of our mayors, beekeepers, craftsmen, ambassadors, heralds, and fans)

Since 8,000 BC, if not earlier, beekeepers have been caring for honeybees.  Can you imagine what it would have been like to keep bees in Ancient Greece, China, India, or Rome? Jerusalem, or in India?  While different hives were used in different cultures, honey was viewed by many civilizations as an ambrosia, or a gift from the gods, and honeybees were examples of societal excellence for humans to strive to emulate.  The importance of bees to pollination, and the value of honey as a nutritious food, were priceless during the growth of mankind. Beekeepers in ancient times were essential rural dwellers, mobile vendors, and urban keepers, linking towns and provinces with nature's sweet food. In many places, beekeepers traveled in boats, by horseback, or in carts and wagons, selling their candles and wares.  With their innovative methods and apothecaries, the fruits and bounty of the hive provided beeswax, honey, medicines, lotions, creams, perfumes, and other unique crafts that enriched ancient civilizations!  Honey, being a healthy food and natural sweetener, and beekeepers, have arguably done more to unite peoples, nations, and cultures than any other food source on Earth. There are few Old World trades or guilds being practiced today that can boast of originating at the dawn of human civilization!    

SYNAGOGUES.  While the Torah describes the Land of Israel as “flowing with milk and honey,” and pure honey that is properly prepared has been considered kosher, beekeeping is a fantastic trade for your congregation and youth to practice!  It can be used as food, for crafts, or for Jewish holy celebrations like Rosh Hashanah.  Consult with your local rabbi

for further uses!

Artificial Beehives Are Called Apiaries

look at the new citizens of

honey bee city!! 

Beekeeper mark's a new mayor!

​Our HUMBLE mission

Our expert & HONEY BEE CITY partneR, beekeeper rick cousins

Beekeeper Rick loves bees so much that his passion for bees & beekeeping inspires everyone to get involved!  Rick refers to honeybees as "God's Little Flying Angels" and being with bees is usually when you'll see him smile and laugh!  

(He's not comfortable in front of cameras!!)

Mayor laura's abejas bringing pollen and nectar back to her honey bee city during the summer!  she shared this video with us!  she has the cleanest hive in florida! let us know how you like her video!

Beekeeper Mark assembling

his queen excluder & super hive box!!

He's excited about his new bees!.

There are many beekeeping supply companies that cater to commercial and rural beekeepers, but there's only one Honey Bee City for urban beekeepers.  By bringing beekeeping to cities, healthy, small, well-managed hives distributed over vast metropolitan areas can contribute to the conservation and preservation of honey bees!  

Help Save the Bees,

By Bringing Beekeeping to the Cities.... "A Beehive in Every Home"

Our company

a 5-frame nuc full of bees and a laying queen is smoked in preparation for the bees to be transferred to the hbc beehive! mayor james advised that a youth group will be keeping the new hive in shape, too!!

SPECIAL EDUCATION.  My mother was a special ed teacher for years, and she was always looking for great projects to do with her kids!  Beekeeping was never considered at the time. Not just for actual beekeeping, but also as an educational tool for kids of all ages and skill levels, beehives are a great way of exposing all kids to the world of these fascinating and beneficial insects.  

Beekeeper Bill's smart!  he pours the sugar water into the top feeder so his bees have enough to eat as they begin their new life at honey bee city! 

Mayor Julie loves her girls and she takes great care of them ever since you received her honey bee city.!  she has a great suburban location in that beautiful rock river country that inspired us to design her beekeeping gear!

Beekeeper Mark's honey bee city

painted exterior only

isn't it beautiful?!

FLEA MARKETS.  Pick your location and see if anyone is selling honey there.  If not, everyone will be looking for you booth once you have honey and crafts to sell!    

This is a great charitable organization with great people, excellent leaders, and tremendous, selfless volunteers doing beneficial things for kids, the needy, and the homeless.  We urge our Mayors and other fans to support Gifts2Give.  Just click the image at left!  We now know that honeybees are involved in charitable giving with Honey Bee City!  Thank you, Gifts2Give!



Beekeeper Bill's New honey bee city is ready for his new colony of winged citizens!  their hbc is on the roof with a tomato garden nearby to get the bees started!!

become a participant in ancient history  

MINORITY & DIVERSITY DEVELOPMENT. Many often equate beekeeping farming, country 4-H clubs and county fairs, but everyone in the city and suburbs can become involved in this wonderful trade.  You can get started with the basic beekeeping kit and packaged bees!  The bees don't care if they're located on a downtown roof or a concrete spot!  Maintaining a hive brings different people together as stewards of honeybees.  Young adults, at risk youth, and kids that need to get outdoors and away from internet games can all find that beekeeping provides a great venue for developing individual and group activities. Think of the possibilities when it comes to honey and craft sales!

So many things are killing our honeybees in the United States: Colony Collapse Disorder, Insecticides, Herbicides, Viruses, & Parasites.  Many people think beekeeping is just for farmers people living in the country, but beekeeping has an important niche in our cities & suburbs, where flowers, gardens, & landscaping areas also need to be pollinated. Because cities are subjected to less poisons that can kill bees, urban beekeepers can be a tremendous help in restoring dwindling bee populations!   You can also supply beneficial, natural honey, beeswax, and honeycomb to friends & family.  Most of all, you'll be able to expose and educate members of your church, synagogue, mosque, and community about the plight of the bees.  Since people need bees to live, your human contribution is priceless.    

BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATIONS.  Elks, Lions, Moose, Masons, local benevolent associations, we know the important community and youth contributions you make!  Help save the bees and expose your communities to the values of beekeeping, and the values that beekeeping can teach!  It's a great way to learn teamwork and caring?  



Flying Angels


Honey Bee City Mayor Beekeeper Bill & Gifts2Give Youth Mayors!

Gifts2Give's Honey Bee City pollinated 1,150 lbs of Tomatoes that were harvested in the Fall 2016 and donated to a Food Shelter, volunteers, and some unknown needy residents! Honey Bee City donated hats and a veil for a special little lady for the Youth Mayors!

Beekeeper Mark Assembling

His painted deep hive box

with frames

VETERANS.  Wow, we're veterans, too!  For all of our brothers and sisters who have had the privilege to serve, think about getting involved in beekeeping.  Our partner Rick advises us   constantly that he'd rather hang with bees that people!  As proud military veterans, we think about how many wounded or physically challenged brothers & sisters might find this beneficial and provide a supplemental source of income!  Let us know as we do offer a veteran's discount!  

HOMELESS, WOMEN'S, and FAMILY SHELTERS.  Are we thinking urban?!  Salvation Army, Goodwill, local homeless & displaced work?  Beekeeping has so many ways of benefiting our communities!  Our ideas and suggestions are endless!  Most shelters are always looking for low cost foods, supplements, and sources of additional income. Why can't some of the groups or organizations out there and listed here work together to feed those less fortunate?  Let's work on that!  Shelters are full of good people who are trying to get on their feet and find employment, so what's wrong with working together to provide honey or raise funds to help our precious

shelters survive?  

Honey Bee city entrance

Thank you for Visiting!

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EDUCATION. The interest in green gardening has exploded in the United States, but many are forgetting about the insects that are needed to be a success at it!  With the Honey Bee City Urban Beekeeping Kit, people can learn about these fascinating insects and the products that can be produced from their work. The viewing window provides a visual wonderland for adults and children, where properly clothed observers can see bees at work producing honey and managing hive activities. With a suitable camera, you can also photograph your bees and display them or share them with others on social media!  As you advance from being an apprentice beekeeper to advanced, master, and master craftsman cerfifications of beekeeping, you'll be able to further your education about beekeeping.  Most of all, honeybees, beehives, and beekeepers educate just by making their presence and products known!

Beekeeper Bill's NUC has been opened and the bees are ready to be placed into Honey Bee city!  urban beekeeping works on the roof, too, and the bees will have lots of privacy!  they're not happy right now!

Your human CONTRIBUTion 

PRESERVATION. Honeybees have been dying throughout the United States.  While apiculture has been a global occupation and treasured craft since human beings first formed societies and cultivated crops, some diseases, pests, herbicides & pesticides are destroying and devastating bee populations.  In updating this paragraph, we must say that a single hive in a single yard or garden is becoming increasingly important to bee preservation.  Beekeeper Brad constantly marvels at how a hive beetle or wax moth can appear when there are so few hives in his residential area.  When Mayor Mark loses his bees to robber bees, or Mayor Julie loses hers to a harsh Illinois winter, it becomes apparent just how devastating commercial beekeepers can be affected by larger problems. You will find that honeybees are strong, resilient, and respond to your loving care.  They are a part of mankind worthy of preserving.       


& Law Enforcemement For Bees

BUDDHIST TEMPLES.  Legend has it that just before the Buddha's enlightenment, a young woman named Sujàtà offered him a bowl of milk rice and honey, a meal that gave him the strength for his final struggle. Honey has been a part of Buddhist vegan diets for hundreds of years, and beekeeping is not just a worthy trade, but a good example provided by the Buddha of how people should live and work!

Nature shows us with honey bees

that females make excellent leaders


50,000 honey bees  working in harmony

under the leadership of one queen?

At Honey bee city, females rule!

SPIRITUAL GROUPS.  Bees make natural honey that has uses in spirituality, such as Native American rituals, tribal medicine, and various spiritual practitioners from around the world!  We'd like to hear from you and learn more, as one of our partners is a Native American traditional believer with tremendous respect for bees.  Tell us about your spirituality and how beekeeping is benefiting your spiritual life!

COMMUNITY CLUBS and SUMMER CAMPS.  Do you think beekeeping would be a great club or summer camp activity?!  We do!  It's definitely something different that your kids will talk about for years and remember for the rest of their lives! Make low cost foods, supplements, and sources of cool crafts they can make for mom and dad.    

INCOME.  Even at the hobbyist level with Honey Bee City, producing honey products and products from the hive can provide additional income.  With over 40lbs of honey a year, Honey Bee City will produce more honey than a family can usually manage to eat.  With so many uses for natural honey, to include honey cream and comb honey, packaging honey in and selling it locally is a great way to increase family income!  As you can read in the craftsmanship section on this page, your income and the products you can produce are as diverse as our wonderful American society!  Some states, like Florida, limit hives at residences to three, but each state is different.  Having more than one hive increases honey production, as well as other products.  With a global honey shortage, profits from local honey sales are looking SWEET!

MOSQUES.  Quran 16.68-69]: "And Allah revealed to the bees: Build your hives in mountains, trees and in what people build. Then eat from every fruit and follow your Lord's enslaved paths, from their bellies exits drink of different colors, in it healing for man." According to the World of Islam, honey is halal.  Please consult with your Imam for further information and how to fit beekeeping into the activities of your followers!   

look at those great tomato plants and the incredible youth that donated their time to gifts2give!  mayor bill is not just a beekeeper, he's a gardener, too!  great role models are the foundation for creating great human beings.  Thanks, mayor bill! 

Propolis Is A Type of Glue Bees Make Use To Seal & Cover Open Spaces In The Hive!

The Behive's Internal Structure Consists Of Hexagonal Cells That Store Baby Bees, Pollen, & Honey


(No order/preference intended)  

groups/organizations that can help and benefit by beekeeping

(No order/preference intended)  

Beekeeper Rick celebrating with

official beekeeper mark, 

near mark's vegetable garden!

POLLINATION.  Most people have flowers in their yards and on their terraces, and many people keep flower pot or small gardens, too. Honey bees forage and visit thousands of flowers in their search for nectar. As they do, pollen attaches to their bodies and is distributed as they forage.  One of our partners here is a gardener who stopped after two years of diminished produce simply because no bees were pollinating his vegetables.  We have neighbors who have planted bee friendly flowers, only to see no bees visit their beautiful blossoms!  Since bees have limited foraging ranges, you'll find that the shortage of city bees is affecting the vitality of plants and gardens in your neighborhood!  You will be amazed when your honeybees increase the yield of your gardens & flower beds!


CONSERVATION. As an old Boy Scout, conservation was about maintaining a resource.  As a child, bees were everywhere to the point of almost being a nuisance.  Conservation has now taken on a new importance for honeybees.  They are one of nature's most essential insects; the only insect that creates food to human beings!  Bee populations are on the decline, often because of herbicides, pesticides, and insect repellents used by human beings.  Most of us don't think about how spraying crops and gardens to kill pests also kill honey bees.  Owning your own active beehive will contribute greatly to increasing healthy bee populations by sending new queen bees awing to create more beehives  in your local area.      


Mayor Mark from Southwest Ranches, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Our expert beekeeper

(The City Manager of Honey Bee City!)

Women's Clubs/Female Empowerment.  Beekeeping is a wonderful way to maximize sisterhood and female unity through common projects that can uplift girls and teach independence, creative thinking, and business development!  Most honeybees are females, after all, so why not learn from the best female examples on Earth!?  

Beekeeper Rick' lights his smoker fuel

in order to calm mark's bees.

the time is now! 

THE HONEY BEE CITY BEEKEEPING GUILD. Initiated in 2017, our Guild is still forming, with our Mayors becoming automatic members and everyone interested in joining need only complete our contact form online to participate.  We will be doing more in the future, like creating a blog, sharing beekeeper information, and creating a Facebook page, along with other social media. 

INCLUSION.  At Honey Bee City, we have fun including everyone in our love of bees and beekeeping.  As beesmanship and bee lovers increase, all must know that they all have a special place in our hearts because without them, honeybees would suffer more.  Every person has a role to serve in restoring honeybee populations to their high place in nature's circle:

MAYORS   -   We affectionately refer to our Honey Bee City beehive customers as Mayors, because they're stewards of a beehive full of nature's most cherished insect society.  Our Mayors are daring, brave, trendsetting entrepreneurs that seek to make a difference and have fun doing it.  Each one of our Mayors is a trailblazer, and everyone should know that every beehive is different because of it's unique location, forage area, climate, water source, and nutrients.  Your Honey Bee City is so individually unique that the honey your bees produce will have a taste like no other! 

BEEKEEPERS   -   You don't have to own a Honey Bee City beehive to be a member of our Guild!  Honey Bee City Beekeepers are essential because they're doing the rare and important task of caring for our most important pollinators.  We honor you, and we value your contributions as beekeepers.  Like your hives, each beekeeper has different experiences and challenges. Nobody has the same issues all of the time.

BEE BREEDERS -  The more you become involved in beekeeping, the more you will realize just how tremendously important bee breeders are to the honeybee and the beekeeper!  As beekeeping becomes mainstream, new innovations from bee breeders, and their incredible efforts to provide us with healthy honeybees cannot be understated.  You only have to try to capture a queen, battle pests, harvest pollen, propolis, or royal jelly to develop a proud respect for these specialists.  We honor you.

CRAFTSMEN   -   You're the makers of the hives, the carpenters, metal workers, fabricators, and piece creators.  Watching hive components being made makes one proud to be part of this wonderful trade.  Hives are made to industrial specifications, with specific materials, for the purpose of housing honeybees.  Without the Craftsmen, our trade and industry would not have improved into the standardized practice that sustains apiculture.  Thank you, Beehive Craftsmen!  We know how difficult it is!

HERALDS    -   The members of television, the press, celebrities, and other media are extremely important to Honey Bee City and beekeeping.  We rely on Heralds to keep people informed about honeybee news, threats, and positive stories.  As humble beekeepers and owners of a startup company, Heralds are often the only way to make the public aware that we exist and that honeybees need their help more than ever!  They are like honeybee foragers, going from place to place, being seen, communicating, touching hearts and minds, and making the world aware of honeybees.

BEE LOVERS/FANS   -   Lovers of honey, honeybees, nature, organics, or just doing the right thing, our Bee Lovers and Bee Fans interact and communicate by emails, messages, joining our Guild, and buying products, gifts, and clothing.  Just knowing that pure honey from a local beekeeper employs hundreds of people and sustains honeybee populations is one reason we love our Fans, but the contributions from Fans and Bee Lovers goes into the macro-economic industries where American honey and apiculture is fostered in lieu of foreign imports of collated honey that has been mixed or minimized due to a global honey shortage.  Your purchases and support directly impact the larger apiculture industry of the United States, and therefore, US agriculture in general.

Beekeeper Rick''s used to bees! 

he's almost ready to play! He's ready to cover up and move the colony!

Gifts2give's 's honey bee city fostered the pollination of 1,150 lbs of organic heirloom tomatoes that were donated to the pace pantry of new bedford, ma and volunteers! this is a great charity, with bees doing great things to help !

CRAFTSMANSHIP.  Many beekeepers don't sell their wares, or their honey.  Some become involved in developing the craft of beekeeping - making honey products for home use, or gifts, beeswax candles, lip balm, soaps, skin creams, lotions, beauty oils, and candy! If you like to visit craft shows and fairs, do you remember how much respect and awe there was for a true craftsman?  With Honey Bee City, you'll be able to produce approximately 40lbs or more of honey each year, not to mention valuable beeswax, honeycomb, propolis, pollen, and nutritious royal jelly, not to mention mead beer, perfume, and wine, as seen below!  

the natural look of that 100% pine looks original in her setting, which makes us jealous here in tropical south florida!  mayor julie's a nurse, so caring for her girls has to come naturally!  she added on extra hive boxes to expand her colony! 

When our partner Richard Cousins, a former Marine Infantry sergeant and retired lawman, returned from Afghanistan in 2014, he resumed his love of urban beekeeping with his family.  Prior to leaving, Beekeeper Rick was a registered beekeeper in North Carolina.  Within the last two years, Rick has evolved into an avid urban beekeeper, who experienced the challenges & differences between the two habitats.  We developed our Honey Bee City Urban Beekeeping Kit to provide a simple beehive system so our customers can enjoy beekeeping, use our observation cover to view bees, & help Save the Bees!  Rick's a proud Southern Gentleman from North Carolina!


Honey Bee City humbly began in Miami, Florida in 2016 with a diverse trio of friends, veterans & retired federal agents. Our partner, Beekeeper Rick, inspired us to become beekeepers & do something to improve endangered bee populations. We developed Honey Bee City with a belief that your single urban or suburban hive can help honeybees by isolating bees more from pests, diseases, and toxins that decimate commercial hives! Your stewardship of just ONE hive pollinates plants & gardens, produces pure honey, repopulates bees in your local area, and creates a buzz because you become a bee advocate - educating, informing, and bringing more beekeepers to our historic and ancient craft. Beekeeping is unique & fun!     

BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS.  Where else do you find urban kids having fun and learning great things to do!  Beekeeping is a great tool for mentors and youth, and it can become a sustainable trade and profession for those who become experts at this craft.  


Mayor Julie, a Great Person, Hospice Nurse, & Mother of a Service Member!

Thank you for Being a Honey Bee City Beekeeper & for Helping People!!

Mayor Julie calls her Honeybees her "Girls" and We Love How She Helps Save the Bees!

the nuc was full of healthy hard working honey bees that began pollinating before being transferred!

SCOUTING.  Two of our partners were Boy Scouts before joining military service, so we think scouting is a fantastic place for beekeeping!  We remember beekeeping merit badges for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, so who knows, maybe it will become popular again, thanks to urban beekeepers!  It will foster den and troop cohesion, not to mention that having honey at camporees, jamborees, and camping trips is never a bad thing!

Beekeeper BRAD helped mayor mark,! 

Mayor laura also showed up to lend a hand!  it turned into a beekeeping party!

SCOUTING.  Two of our partners were Boy Scouts before joining military service, so we think scouting is a fantastic place for beekeeping!  We remember beekeeping merit badges for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, so who knows, maybe it will become popular again, thanks to urban beekeepers!  It will foster den and troop cohesion, not to mention that having honey at camporees, jamborees, and camping trips is never a bad thing!

Honey Bee City Urban  Beekeeping Kit

                          Beehives & Hive Parts 

                                  About Us - We Love Bees! 


BEESMANSHIP.  This is a Beekeeper Rick word, and it's definitely our lingo!  It doesn't just describe beekeeping knowledge, but the unique bond, the pairing, between the apiarist and his beloved honey bees!  Rick calls honey bees God's Little Flying Angels.  When Beekeeper Rick is around bees, any bees, he changes and becomes a different person - more tranquil, reverent, and reflective.  When Rick's love for bees was revealed to us, we became bee fans, then lovers, and transitioned into urban beekeepers.  It's amazing to have a beehive and watch honeybees work in harmony.  Standing next to your beehive, you can actually hear them humming as one form, sounding like an idling sports car!  We have learned, and Beekeeper Rick has taught, that beesmanship is the essence of man and bee, living and working in harmony together.  It is a spiritual relationship with an element of nature that provides a different solace that the type found with cats, dogs, and household pets.  

rick will use the hive tool

to loosen the frames in the nuc..


to Honey Bee City!

 Premier 100% Pine 8-Frame Beehives, Built to Last - A Veteran/Retired Law Enforcement-Owned & Managed Small Business !  

FRATERNITIES & SORORITIES. A great way to make money and give back to the community, too.  Greek societies can bond with local faculties and communities through the art of beekeeping!    


Her honey Bee City looks

great with her beautiful house!

May 2017, Pittsford, New York

looks like there's great forage

and a bird bath water source!

July 2017, Pittsford, New york

Beekeeper Mark's almost done! 

when it dries, rick will help mark 

put his bees into his new honey bee city!

HINDU TEMPLES.  In Hinduism, honey, or Madhu, is one of the five holy nectars.  Honey has been used in many Hindu ceremonies for centuries  We look forward to learning more from our Hindu customers about how beekeeping can be incorporated into your religious community!

RENAISSANCE FESTIVALS/REENACTERS.  We love going to festivals, where roving honey merchants would shout at passersby about the candles, wax wares, and honey they had for purchase!  We also like military historical places, where reenactments from every time in our history take place.  Show people how beekeepers and honey vendors plied their wares during those times by becoming a character or vendor during such festivals!  It's a great way to sell honey, too!  

After serving our country for over 30 years, we wanted to do something to Help Save the Bees! We also wanted to make something here, in the United States, that could provide green benefits to people!  Beekeeper Rick explained how bees are endangered.  We learned that while most beekeepers live in rural areas and operate commercially with hundreds of hives, people in metro areas could help by keeping beehives that are more distant from rural ones and that could provide safe habitats to live. We were happy to learn that metropolitan people were interested in beekeeping when informed about  how important and easy it is!! Our partner, Juan Cobo, a former Merchant Marine & University o Tennessee graduate, is our beekeeping logistician and national & international shipping expert.  His family originated in Spain!     

We are trying to make a difference by providing products by urban beekeepers for urban beekeepers, and tailoring commercial products and procedures to suit the unique needs of city & suburban residents.  To us, managing one or two hives is more important than managing 100 because honey bees in rural areas have been dying!  

SENIORS.  Whether you're in a residential senior community, apartment, or single family home, beekeeping can keep you and your group of friends busy, please your need for sweets with diabetic friendly honey, and you can form craft groups to expand your interests!  

SCHOOL SCIENCE/CLASS PROJECTS.  We've all got kids, small, medium, and teens, and who hasn't wondered which science project your child or class can do that won't have the same project at a fair?  Who thinks of beekeeping these days?!  However, by using or keeping a beekeeping journal, and having an observation window in Honey Bee City, your children can analyze, catalog, photograph, and obtain samples of bees and bee products throughout their stages of hive and bee development.  Plus you can share honey with school or fair judges!  That should earn them a  certain "A" grade!!  

Natural Beehives Have Their Own Distinctive Shapes & Sizes

INDIVIDUAL and SOCIAL benefits of beekeeping  

beekeeper mark's "NUC" or nucleus colony in a package/container holds about 10,000 bees or more!  his was purchased locally for pickup.  the queen is there, too, and soon beekeeper rick will assist in transferring the frames into their new home at honey bee city!

the rock river design is one of our best. we had to make it green, with wildlife and bees, so mayor julie can be proud to show she's a byron, illinois beekeeper in that beautiful rock river high country where beekeeping can be challenging!

POLICE OFFICER'S ASISTANCE TRUST/LAW ENFORCEMENT YOUTH ACTIVITIES.  As retired lawmen, we know our youth are our most priceless generation!  What better way to bring troubled or at risk youth closer to law enforcement and the community than beekeeping?! We have law enforcement discounts to make it easier to do!  Every community needs honey for baking, cooking, and practical uses, so why not teach youth another way to earn an income or raise funds?  

hoNEY BEE CITY FAN W.C. FROM bedford, texas

Not just a beekeeper & animal caregiver, Beekeeper W.C. is also a Butterfly Conservationist!!!

We designed a Butterfly Area Sign that he proudly displays on his property!

W.C. has about 7 hives and he's a veteran, so we love him!

Thanks, Beekeeper W.C.  We're waiting for more photos of your hives & bees to put on our website!

the september 2016 harvest by mayor bill and his youth mayors, who donated their time to harvest much needed organic tomatoes!  what better compliment for the citizens of honey bee city than to see their hard work benefit the best of humanity with donated food!

Mayor Bill's honey bee city deep hive box is full of bees and they're getting used to their new city!  a little smoke helps to calm them down as they adjust!

CULINARY ARTS.  Many beekeepers and honey vendors specialize in culinary arts! Cooking, baking, frying - the sky is the limit when it comes to culinary innovations!  Producing your own honey provides you with endless possibilities to awe your family & friends with new healthy recipes (or just surf the net for some great ones!  By the way, culinary colleges will love buying pure honey from you, too! 

Beekeeper Mark's honey bee city

warning sign hasn't stopped these bees from being mad!  they sure didn't come from a bee breeder this time!!  he's so happy to have bees in his hive!

Beekeeper Mark ready to move a swarm from a nuc into his honey bee city.  his original colony was killed by robber bees!