It's Beehive Season!

Happy Bees At Honey Bee City!  Call Beekeeper Rick On His Cell If You Have Any Questions!  (704) 858-3433

We invite your comments, photographs, shared experiences, and new ideas.  As urban beekeepers, we understand that the craft is growing, and we will continue to improve and grow, too.  Since Every colony of bees is different, your experiences will be different, so we ask for you to share so that we may all grow in our knowledge of God's Little Flying Angels!



Honey Bee City Is A Modular, Natural Wood Beehive

For Hobbyists That's Delivered Right To Your Door!  

Unlike Commercial or Backyard Competitors Who Sell Kits with Field Components, Honey Bee City Provides A System Ideal for Urban Environs!

Each Essential Module Simply Stacks On Top Of The Other.  

No Tools Are Required!  It arrives ready for your honey bees!

Your Bees Will Naturally Seal Each Module for You! 

It's Eco-Friendly, Durable, Attractive, & Will Last For Years!

Keep It Natural, Stain It, or Paint It With Natural Products!


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah!

Start Beekeeping with Honey Bee City!



Honey Bee City

& Cottage

Bees Are The Only Insects That Make

Food That People Can Eat

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City Hivel 




A premier hive for urban beekeepers! 


designed for the city/suburbs

by veterans who are urban beekeepers!  help save the bees!!!

Groups & Organizations?

Save the bees!  earn extra money!  get back to nature!

We Create Gear for Every Customer's Urban Area!

Bees Recognize Human Faces

​And Will Get To Know Yours

Kid's Page About Bees

Veteran-Owned         Made in the USA 

Except for year round tropical locations like ours in Miami, Bees hibernate during the winter!  Beekeeping is a great hobby because it is seasonal, just like gardens!  After you collect and process you honey, your Honey Bee City will stay indoors and work all winter!.  

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We'll Soon Have Gear for All of Our Customers by City!

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Bees Are Nature's Most Precise

Fastest Builders

Check Out Our Byron Design on Julie!! 

Rural Bees Are Dying Because Many Insecticides That Kill Harmful Insects Also Kill Bees!!

Bees Live In Highly Social Colonies Ruled By A Queen & Maintained By Females


to Honey Bee City

A Veteran & Retired Law Enforcement-Owned Business

Bees Are The Only Insects That Make

Food That People Can Eat

Honey Bee City comes completely assembled!  Use your bee coupon to order your bee colony, Place your package of bees at the entrance, and you're a Beekeeper!  After you become experienced, you can add more hives for increased honey production! 

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April 2016

Bees from Honey Bee City on Deep Hive Box Brood Frame!  Busy Bees at Work!.


​Fun Facts About Honeybees!

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Honey Bee City, July 2016

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Great for adults, teens and youth to learn about the only insects that provide food for humans! Unique for Church Youth Groups, Science Projects, Scouting, Fund Raisers, School Fairs, Ecology, and Food Production!


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Mayor Julie's City, Byron, IL

Last Updated November 28, 2017

How Can You Help?  Honey bees in metropolitan areas pollinate city parks, home gardens, landscaping plants, flower boxes, and the plants on your patio or in your yard!  Whether you purchase Honey Bee City, or another beekeeping provider, please get involved and preserve this priceless natural resource!

  Cottage Hive 


Honey Bee City May 2017

Urban Beehives & Beekeeping Kits

2016 EduArt Inc

Mayor Kristine's City

Pittsford, NY

Beekeeping Accessories

Bees Use The Sun As A Compass

& Natural Caffeine In Nectar Provides Directions

Now! Pittsford, Marshall, Augusta Beekeeper Gear!!

We can personalize any Product!  

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